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Domestic Assembly

In the wake of Flint, Michigan’s water crisis, the project is an economic intervention for residents to survive when the state fails to provide basic infrastructure such as water, electricity or gas. Mimicking the suburban typology of canopies in strip malls, (such as drive thrus, car washes, atms, gas stations etc.,), housing becomes the framework for an open air structure. The typified Texas Doughnut model is collapsed as the housing aqueduct liberates the ground floor for an explosion of unpredictable programs. The project maintains the overall urban street infrastructure to avoid disrupting the transit system that links the Northside Village to Downtown.


Defined by the highway, the historical wards system of Houston signifies gentrification and segregation of the city. As an infrastructural system, the highway perpetuates suburban sprawl, but as an urban form, the city fails to utilize the unique spatial qualities of its scale. In this missed opportunity, the project seeks alternative ways to extend the public life ‘under’ the highway datum.

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