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New Green Work

Can a building be shaped and deformed by its users, both human and non-human? The project is inspired by the short film Falling Cat (1894) by Etienne Jules Marey, demonstrating the non-rigid body of a cat in free fall. The project invents a new programmatic relation based on loosening the gap between inside/outside - and allows for a fluidity in the growth and death of program. The inside informs the outside and vice versa. 

The  various stages of plant life is eerily reminiscent of a typical start ups’ life cycle where only an average of 10% survive. Along with a global visa program for foreign tech workers and the construction of the largest start up center in the world- Paris must reformulate itself as a central hub for digitized transit workers. Situated near Gare de Lyon, the project is inspired both by traditional parisian passage prototypes, and anticipated biodiversity by future developments along the rail way.

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