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Oblique Facade
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Everyone Together Forever

Sharing-economy platforms are no long limited to the likes of airbnb and uber.  New online co-living platforms such as Ollie cultivate and design your community through hotel-style micro housing. We live in an era where you design the person who lives across the hall. Collectivity now requires presence in both the online and offline world. 


The project addresses both the office space and housing for the “digital nomad” population. Temporality is then reflected in four scales within the project: floor plate, unit, furniture and façade. Difference in floor plates and unit types create a diverse set of spatial connectivity. Operable furniture pieces are designed for individual units and common areas. At the largest scale, a metal scrim façade operates as a kinetic barrier that both encloses and exposes ensuing activities. Spatial design thus activates and blurs the boundaries of privacy. 

In Collaboration with Edison Ding.

Recipient of 2017 Margaret Everson Fossi Award

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